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FAQ list

What is the maximum temperature of the float?
We have two kinds of the float.
Standard floats, made of Polypropylene, can withstand the heat around 45℃.
High-temperature floats, made of SUS 304, can withstand the heat around 70℃-80℃.
Do you have any stocks?
We don't have any stocks because we produce the appropriate level gauge for your tank after accepting your order.
It takes 3-4days to be produced.
Is the position of the switch constant?
The switch is free to set and shift up and down in the rail.
By the two switch rails, we are able to handle sensitive settings without disturbing other switches.
Is it possible to increase the number of switches later?
Removing the cap of level gauge, install from the upper side.
However,if you increase the number of switches (level gauge), the body type of switches will be changed. So you should re-cover the product's seal. Just let us know about it when you order additional switches. We will sent the product's seal with switches.
Is it possible to put it on the machine tank being used?
It is easy to set it up if there is a hole through the float and a screw hole for the installation of the main body on the tank.
it is possible to make it if you tell the depth of the tank and the kind of the liquid.


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