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Spec/Model selection

About the model display


ALG…Common model
*1…Spec [P:Standard model S:High-temperature model]
*2…Detection length
*3…Surface print length
*4…Kinds/numbers of switches

Spec/Model selection

If you input the necessary matter to the following form, the best model and specifications for the customer's tank are selected.

*It becomes a SUS float model.
Selection of switches

The selection points of Detection length

  • The detection length means the moving range of the float depending on the fluctuation of the liquid in the tank.
  • "H" shows the upper limit of the liquid side [Surface print length] in the tank and "L" shows the lower limit of the liquid side.
  • The range of the detection length is from 30 to 500 mm.
  • The detection length must be selected within the range that the float doesn't touch the bottom of the tank.
Detection length

The selection points of Surface print length

  • "Surface print length"is the distance from mounting surface to the surface of the full tank as the diagram right indicates.
  • Please confirm that the liquid of the tank is filled up when the spacer shows "H".
  • The lower limit of "Surface print length" is 50mm.
    *The minimum distance of "SUS float" is 65mm.
Surface print length


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