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Privacy policy

alba Inc.(hereinafter referred to as "we") handle personal information respecting the privacy of people who use this website and pays scrupulous attention to the management of this (We obey the following definitions)

●Personal Information

Personal information defined as the information of an individual, which amy including your name, mailing address, e-mail,phone number and any other data to identify an individual. We include it as the personal information that you can collate it with other information easily, as a result, you can identify individual a user even if we cannot distinguish individual only by this information.

●Contact about privacy policy

If you have any questions about personal information, you can contact us by using the address provided below.

●Purpose and use of Personal Information

We determine the purpose of collection of the personal information and we collect it for accomplishing the purpose within a necessary limit.In addition, we do by legitimate fair means, and basically,we do not collect personal information except for the matter you fill in the form. We place a management representative to deal with the provided personal information and manage it appropriately.

●Providing Third Parties with Personal Information

We do not disclose any personal information to third parties without your permission. We disclose it only when we obtain the user's permission after demistrating the contents of information and offering list. But there's a possibility that we disclose personal information without a user's permission within the law in the case of the following.

■Exemption matters

In the case of the following, we are not responsible for the acquisition of personal information by a third party.

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